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House Calls

Quick House Calls

We Come to You

Are you having trouble finding time to make it to the doctor? Don't worry! With NPHS - Nurse Practitioner Health Services, we can schedule appointments within your home, school, office, nursing home, or at our clinic. Call us today at 920-840-8524! 

Serving the State of Wisconsin

If your kid is sick in the middle of the night and your pediatrician is closed, rest assured that we will be there for you. If you're sick and can't make the drive to visit your doctor's office, we're only a simple call away. 

We provide house calls at any hour so that you don't have to visit the emergency room and pay outrageous fees when it's not necessary.

Immediate Benefits

Our service is health care on demand without all the hassle of the insurance forms to fill out. Other benefits include:
  • No co-pays or deductibles
  • Access to health care services at a location convenient for you
  • Reduced or eliminated waiting times 
  • Longer appointment times with your provider 
  • Improved compliance with chronic disease management
  • Wellness initiatives and medication compliance

$75 fee for a clinic appointment and $120 for an appointment in your setting. Additional costs apply for discounted labs and X-rays. NPHS is a Direct Healthcare provider. Direct Healthcare does not submit to insurance and in turn, can keep costs affordable. 
Owned and 
"Responsive, excellent listener (actually listens), respects your time and is good at what she does. This is how primary care should be."

- Yuun Murphy
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